Thank you for visiting our website, Parlemoidefrance.com. As you may have noticed, we are a website that aims to show the world “l’art de vivre à la française”, that is to say its culture, its history, its gastronomy, art and all the other things that France brings and has brought to humanity. France occupies a small space in almost every part of the world, often without realizing it. From a simple pen that everyone knows as the BIC, to the illustration that inspired many revolutions in the world such as the United States, to the French cheeses and wines that we love so much.

Through parlemoidefrance.com we seek to compile in one place all that is France. A titanic task no doubt, a task that we will begin, we will develop, but at the same time we are sure that we will not finish, how could we finish with so much to tell, from the past, but also from what is still being created today. 

We want this to be your place of reference of the country and its culture, where you can learn and discover by reading our different articles from your home and why not, where you can plan and organize your first or umpteenth visit to the country. 

We are just starting, we have a long way to go, I urge you if you visit us in our beginnings, to come back soon and continue discovering the new things we will have for you. Think of us as a family that has just moved, we are forming our home, and we would love to do it with your company. So, all your comments, suggestions and words of support are welcome. 

I hope you enjoy it, 

À bientôt !

The team.