Author: Erick M.

French Wine Basics: French Wine Regions

To read a French wine label, it emphasizes the region or appellation in which it was produced. Throughout the hundreds of years of winemaking history, the French were looking for flavors and notes that would please the market and that would pair perfectly with the food of their respective region. As a result, French wines are generally blends of different types of grape varieties.

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French wine basics: Wine classification according to the French

Within the French territory, there are wine classifications that developed over time since the end of the 19th century as a way of organising winegrowers within their own region. For this, the French created the term “Cru” which refers to a higher level of wine where in theory its quality is respected by the producers and recognised nationally and internationally. 

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Awakening of French whisky

The hexagon is also a producer of whiskey and in fact a very good one, who is definitely making its own mark in the industry, if you are looking for a different whiskey, you can find in France distilleries from Brittany to the island of Corsica.

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